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Painting workshops at Dalvaro   



  Dalvaro Art are pleased to confirm that the following art tutors are coming to Valencia, Spain in 2019


Michal Jasiewicz watercolours

 Private group

This workshop is Full

Start date May 1st 2019    

Joanne Boon Thomas watercolours/brusho 

This workshop is now full                             spaces available for October workshop

From April 15th 2018      more details..... 

Blerta Fili watercolours

Private group


Start date June 9th 2019      

Sue Bradley 



From June 23rd 2019   more details....


Keiko Tanabe watercolours

This workshop is now full

From May 13th 2018     more details....

Sue Ford watercolours,sketchbook techniques and Acrylic 

From 1337.50 €uros per person.

Start date May 23rd 2018     more details....


Pablo Ruben watercolours

From 1370 €uros per person

Start date June 26th 2018   more details....

Viktoria and Slawa Prischedko 

watercolours       From 1400 €uros per person

Start date July 3rd 2018     more details....

Keith Hornblower watercolours

From 1337.50 per person

Start date July 22nd 2018   more details....


Anne Kerr watercolours and pastels

From 1337.50 €uros per person

Start date August 19th 2018    more details....

Michal Jasiewicz watercolours  

From 1372.50 per person

Start date August 26th 2018    more details....

Igor Sava watercolours

This workshop is now full   

 From September 9th 2018   more details....


Les Darlow pastels mixed media

From 1347.50 per person

Start date September 23rd 2018   more details....

Francesco Fontana watercolours

From 1397.50 per person

Start date October 21st 2018   more details,,,,

Joe Dowden watercolours

From 1362.50 €uros per person

Start date October 21st 2018   more details,,,,

Joanne Boon Thomas watercolours/brusho

From 1337.50 per person.

Start date October 28th 2018      more details..... 

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To see more work of our tutors for sale please visit the Dalvaro Art Gallery site.


The following tutors are bringing their own private group to Las Orquideas for a week of private painting tuition;


Barry and Vivien Lockwoodbeck of Art Connections

May 2nd to May 8th 2018

Diana Noel

September 2nd to September8th

Lea Nixon

September 30th to October 6th


Tutors or art groups interested in bringing their own groups:

We have a limited number of slots still available for the 2019 season.

For information about hiring the venue for private own group tutoring please complete the form below.

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