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List of art tutors coming to Dalvaro Art in 2019


Every student receives a special Dalvaro art pack.


The special Dalvaro Art pack includes;

a special Dalvaro Art carry bag,

a Dalvaro Art apron,

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For more information about these 

painting courses feel free to browse the names.


Anna Ivanova     watercolours        inter/advanced level         

Anne Kerr     pastels/watercolours       beginner/inter       
Antonio Giacomin    watercolours      inter/advanced             
Arnold Lowrey          watercolours       all levels             

Barry Herniman       watercolours       beginner level                  
Claire Warner           watercolours           all levels                  

Direk Kingnok         watercolours      all levels          

Doranne Alden      watercolours    all levels    

Ekaterina Zuizina    watercolours     inter/advanced level   2019 workshop details 

Eugene Chisnecean   watercolours  all levels              

Francesco Fontana      watercolours  all levels  2018        
Igor Sava                watercolour for the advanced level artist        2019 workshop details

Joanne Boon Thomas watercolours and brusho     all levels          2019 workshop details
Joe Dowden      watercolour   all levels       
Keiko Tanabe        watercolours             advanced            2020 

Keith Hornblower     watercolours all levels     2019 workshop details 

Les Darlow               pastels/acrylics     beginner/inter               2018  
Michal Jasiewicz         watercolours     all levels   2019 workshop details 
Olga Litvinenco       watercolours     inter/advanced level  2019 workshop details  
Pablo Ruben      watercolours     beginner/intermediate   
Paul Weaver            watercolours       inter/advanced       
Robert Dutton        mixed media    beginner/intermediate    

Sue Bradley       watercolour course for beginners level          2019 workshop details  
Sue Ford             all levels    

Viktoria Prischedko   watercolours     advanced  

Slawa Prischedko                  


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