Painting Tuition;


The painting tuition is for five full days. With a minimum of six hours per day practical plus tutorial, both in group sessions or with individual attention.


Painting tuition starts after breakfast, at about ten a.m. (Some tutors prefer an earlier start, particularly for the advanced levels)  Visit our How to Choose your Holiday page, part 3A for more information,  If we are going out painting on location the transport leaves Las Orquideas by about nine thirty, most of our locations are within a forty five minute journey.

The tutor will usually start with an introduction to the days painting, by way of a demonstration, during which the techniques, materials etc. will be explained. This will be followed by the tutor giving individual attention and further instruction as required.  The tuition continues until lunchtime, which is followed by the siesta. Individual tutors may vary the work itinerary. (Some preferring a picnic style lunch between painting sessions)

The optional evening tuition starts at about five o’clock and lasts until sevenish.

Then we all prepare for aperitifs and the evening meal.  Read more about the free drinks.