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Prices for art vacations 


Art workshops in 2018


Due to popular demand we are going to return to our previous package of offering gift sets on all our holidays.


A paper block of appropriate quality paper.

A selection of top quality paints.  

A set of viewfinders.

A palette.

An apron.

A carry bag.


April 2018
 prices for single private room

Arnold Lowrey  details               €1549  
Joanne Boon Thomas details   €1525
Doranne Alden details               €1525

May 2018
prices for single private room 

Keiko Tanabe  details   €1695                                      workshop FULL 

Sue Ford      details        €1525


June 2018
 prices for single private room

Sue Bradley   details  €1525 workshop FULL
Pablo Ruben  details  €1595


July 2018
 prices for single private room

Viktoria Prischedko  details  €1715                            Last three rooms

Keith Hornblower   details    €1525

August 2018
 prices for single private room

Paul Weaver  details  €1595
Anne Kerr     details   €1525                            Michal Jasiewicz   details     €1595

September 2018
Prices for single private room.
Igor Sava    details     €1745  workshop FULL
Les Darlow  details    €1545


October 2018
Prices for single private room.

Francesco Fontana  details      €1695
Joe Dowden     details                €1575

Joanne Boon Thomas details   €1525