Guaranteed painting holidays in Europe

Non cancellation guarantee


Please remember that our policy is:
We never cancel a course due to lack of numbers...


Have you ever gone to all the trouble of looking for the painting holiday which you consider to be perfect for you, only to have a message from the venue just a few weeks before you are due to go, telling you that;

"due to lack of interest the holiday has been cancelled".

or have you ever gone to book a holiday and seen this:

"book your holiday now but we cannot confirm the holiday will go ahead until we have our minimum number of bookings"


Here at Dalvaro Art we realise the disappointment and frustration that these messages can cause, especially after all the preparation, expenses and arrangements that you have made, therefore, we absolutely guarantee that none of our holidays, have ever been or ever will be cancelled because we do not have enough participants. 

In our opinion this happens when venues or tutors put making money their priority. Whereas we put the painting holiday experience above everything else.

Who knows,  you could even have a week of one to one tuition with your favourite tutor.


Sometimes a tutor, unfortunately and unavoidably is unable to follow through with their commitments to us, when this does happen, we are fortunately in a position to have a large enough group of professional tutors who we can call on to take the course. Please visit our terms and condition page for coverage of this rare, but never the less, annoying occurrence.


What if you have to cancel? 

Sometimes other unexpected  personal issues force a change of plan or maybe you just change your mind about the week or the tutor. Whatever the reason, to prevent you from losing any of your deposit we have put in place the opportunity for you to transfer your deposit to another holiday, or even a friend, this can be an art course in the same year or the following.


For further information regarding any of our holidays please use the form below: