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Dalvaro Art Paint on Holiday  art tutors for the 2019 season continuing with;


     Igor and Ekaterina Sava


                   Course start date Monday 22nd July 2019

                   Course finish date Monday 29th July 2019


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Igor Sava


Igor Sava was born May 16, 1973 in Kotovsk, a small town in Moldova. In 1993 he attended the School of Arts “Ilya Repin” in Chisinau, the current capital of the Republic of Moldova. In 1999, after graduating in Graphic Design at the University of Timisoara, he moved to Rome. He attended the School of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, now he primarily lives and works in Rome participating regularly in solo and group exhibitions. Dalvaro Art feel immensely privileged that Igor has become a regular visitor to our venue.

Igor Sava is considered one of the best watercolourists of the present time. He participates in, and gives lectures and workshops in some of the world’s most respected central classes and his own studio in Italy. Igor Sava paints with great ease; his paintings of landscapes flow from his brush as if by magic, and his paintings of nude figures are admired by a large number of followers. Igor has been awarded in several prestigious events and is frequently invited to perform demonstrations of his watercolour techniques around the world.

This will be Igor’s fifth visit to Dalvaro, his previous painting holidays at Dalvaro have been filled quite quickly, therefore early booking is advisable. 

This workshop is suited to the more advanced student who is familiar with and comfortable with the basic uses of watercolour paints and techniques and is not intimidated by plein air painting in busy thoroughfares, but wishes to advance their understanding even further with one of the present day masters of watercolour. 

Ekaterina Sava

Ekaterina Sava (Ziuzina) was born in Novorgudok, Belarus. Today Ekaterina is a renowned watercolourist within the art world. She uses her great skill of subtlety and representation within all her many diverse subjects. Particularly in her detailed paintings of animals, which always show a great sense of passion and understanding. One of her great strengths lies in the capacity she has of creating an amazing transparency in her still life and life paintings.

Ekaterina Sava graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University in 2012, majoring in architecture. She is currently head of the Watercolour Society of Belarus. Since 2012 Ekaterina Ziuzina has successfully exhibited in major watercolour exhibitions around the world, including Turkey, China, France, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, The USA, India and Europe.

On this workshop you will be shown, not only the basics as a refresher but will quickly move on to some more advanced concepts of painting still life, animals and landscapes in watercolor. This well organised course is well planned to suit the whole group and with Ekaterina's personal involvement each individual will have all new concepts as well as every step further explained. Her enthusiasm, humour, patience and dedication will encourage everyone to "enjoy the ride" with fun and laughter. Ekaterina's courses are usually studio based, venturing out on location for some plein aire painting with additional sketching and photographing in preparation for the more detailed work in the studio. See the itinerary for this week below. 

Some knowledge of watercolour painting is advisable but Ekaterina is very sensitive to the individuality of all her students and she will adapt her focus to your own level, aspirations and learning ability.

Arrival day Monday 22nd July 2019, with transfers from Alicante and Valencia airport included. 


To see more of Igor Sava's work please go to

                          Igor Sava gallery


Itinerary.       Please note this a general itinerary of all our workshops and is only a guide. The final course structure and locations will be determined by the tutor and dependent on the groups preferences.  General Itinerary page.

Not included;

Brushes. Most people prefer to bring their own, but they can be purchased from the studio.


Medical/travel insurance.

Staff gratuities.


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