List of the best painting holidays by month

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Monthly list of painting holidays in Spain 2018 and 2019


Feel free to browse the individual names in the list of painting tutors and click on the names for more information about our art courses.

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Painting holidays and workshops April 2018


Arnold Lowrey             watercolours       April 1st to April 7th        course details

Joanne Boon Thomas         watercolours/brusho         April 15th to April 21st     course details

Doranne Alden             watercolours          April 22nd to April 28th      course details


Painting holidays and workshops May 2018


Barry and Vivienne Wilton-Middlemas                       private own group booking             May 2nd to May 8th

Keiko Tanabe         watercolours                    intermediate/advanced      May 13th to 19th             course details

Sue Ford                       watercolours/mixed                    all levels                           May 23rd  to may 29th        course details



Painting holidays and workshops June 2018


Sue Bradley                       watercolours                    beginners                 June 3rd to June 9th      course details

Claire Warner                   private own group booking             June 10th to June 16th


Painting holidays and workshops June/July 2018

Pablo Ruben                     watercolours                    all levels        June 26th to July 2nd      course details


Painting holidays and workshops July 2018

Viktoria Preschedko      watercolours                    intermediate/advanced          July 3rd  to July 9th               course details

Keith Hornblower           watercolours                       intermediate                           July  22nd to July 28th              course details


Painting holidays and workshops August 2018


Anne Kerr                 watercolours/pastels                    all levels                August 19th to August 25th             course details

Michal Jasiewicz         watercolors                           all levels               August 26th to September 1st         course details


Painting holidays and workshops September 2018

Diana Noel                                         private own group booking            September 2nd to September 8th 

Igor Sava                         watercolours               intermediate/advanced            September 9th to September 15th            course details

Les Darlow                           pastels and acrylics                     all levels           September 23rd to September 29th            course details


Painting holidays and workshops September/October 2018

Lea Nixon                        private own group booking              September 30th to October 6th 


Painting holidays October 2018

Francesco Fontana                 watercolours                      all levels             October  7th to October 13th         course details

Joe Dowden                      watercolours                    all levels                     


Painting holidays October/November 2018

Joanne Boon Thomas                   watercolours/brusho                    all levels           October 28th to November 3rd              course details  

Painting holidays 2019


Painting holidays April 2019

Keith Hornblower                watercolours                  all levels           April 17th to April 24th              course details  Keith Hornblower 2019


Painting holidays May 2019

Michal Jasiewicz               watercolours                 This workshop is full       May 1st to May 8th              course details Michal Jasiewicz 2019


Painting holidays June 2019

Sue Bradley            watercolours                 beginners and improvers    June 23rd to June 30th             course details Sue Bradley 2019


Painting holidays August 2019

Jason Yeoh                    watercolours                  intermediate +

Olga Litvinenko           watercolours                 intermediate +   


Painting holidays September 2019

Joanne Boon Thomas            watercolours/brusho                 beginners and improvers    September 7th to September 13th             course details  Joanne Boon Thomas 2019


Painting holidays October 2019

Les Darlow            pastels                all levels    October 5th to October 12th              course details  Les Darlow 2019

Michal Jasiewicz       watercolours               all levels    October 18th to October 25th              course details Michal Jasiewicz 2019


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